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Schets ‘GoldenTower’ Sculptuurpark (Toscane, Italië)

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The idea for the Golden Tower sprung to mind as I wandered the beautiful lush fields of Tuscany. It was an edifying experience and a great inspiration. The ochre shades of the mountain slopes, the verdant green valleys, the sprawling vineyards, silver olive groves and scorched yellow houses. All the ingredients essential to inspire romantic sensations. The Golden Tower will be produced in steel with copper-plated letters in a typeface designed by me, AT Move Bloggy. The height will be approximately 7 metres, the diameter 3 metres. I’m using steel to imbue the shimmering of the olive groves and copper to reflect the warmth of the sun and the tan Tuscan houses.

The Golden Tower for me is representative of a new creative direction in my career as a designer, one that will branch out into a more physical aesthetic, such as in this instance bending typefaces into different shapes and forms via sculpture. I am aiming for this venture to establish itself in many forms. The design could manifest itself in the shape of a playground, chair, tapestry but also a tea-towel, in fact anything. The Golden Tower is to be the commencement of a sculpture park, Tuscany, Italy.

See Image @ Recent Work. Concept/Design/Copyright: André Toet (SO)Design 2013

AT Move Bulky

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AT Move Bulky

Friday (afternoon) sketch of ‘Bulky’ the 19th Font of (SO)Design. Art Direction: André Toet – Design: Jasper Nijssen. Oh ja, binnenkort for sale @ &

AT Move Magazine (fake) covers

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AT Move Magazines (GC, Digital Photographer, Elle, Uncut, Time)

To show our Fonts NowForSale @ MyFonts & Beepbeep

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